Class X Time Table for 2017 10th SA2 Board Examinations

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Note: While following is the schedule for board conducted examinations, School based Summative Assessment (SA-II) will be conducted by Schools from 15 th March 2017 onwards.

Date Subject

09 March 2017 | Thu
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Dynamics Of Retailing (O), Information Technology(O), Security (O), Automobile Technology (O), Introduction To Financial Market(O), Introduction To Tourism(O), Beauty & Wellness (O), Dynamics Of Retailing (C), Information Technology(C), Security(C), Automobile Technology (C), Introduction To Financial Market(C), Introduction To Tourism(C), Beauty & Wellness (C)

10 March 2017 | Fri
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Hindi Course-A, Gurung, Hindi Course-B

15 March 2017 | Wed
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Telugu, French, Telugu-Telangana, Information & Communication Technology (Ict)

16 March 2017 | Thu
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Carnatic Music (Vocal), Carnatic Music (Melodic Instruments), Carnatic Music (Percussion Instruments), Hindustani Music (Vocal), Hindustani Music (Instruments Melodic), Hindustani Music (Percussion Instruments)

18 March 2017 | Sat
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Tamil, Elements Of Business, Elements Of Book-Keeping & Accountancy, E-Publishing & E-Office(Eng.), E-Publishing & E-Office(Hindi)

20 March 2017 | Mon
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Painting, Spanish, Russian

22 March 2017 | Wed
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Science -Theory, Science W/O Practical

23 March 2017 | Thu
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

National Cadet Corps, Urdu Course A, Gujarati, Manipuri, Tibetan, Persian, Nepali, Limboo, Lepcha, Bodo, Tangkhul, Japanese, Bhutia, Mizo, Rai, Tamang, Sherpa, Urdu Course

25 March 2017 | Sat
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Sindhi, Sanskrit

27 March 2017 | Mon
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese, Kannada, Arabic, German

30 March 2017 | Thu
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

English Communicative, English Language & Literature

03 April 2017 | Mon
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs


05 April 2017 | Wed
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Foundation Of Information Technology

08 April 2017 | Sat
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Social Science

10 April 2017 | Mon
Timer: 0 days, 0 hrs

Home Science


The time available for the preparation of maths for class 10 is very less...Its too difficult to prepare such a hard subject in a day... ~ sanya (2015-03-13T04:03:11)
Boss u r not supposed to mug up things at the eleventh hour..what were u doing whole year ~ vikram (2015-03-01T09:45:54)
5 days for math and 6 days for Socio......I am very happy ~ raj singh (2015-02-26T11:14:25)
Thank u very much ~ sharon (2015-02-25T15:35:56)
The time gap available for class 12 cbse chemistry exam is only 2 days which is very very less. How the students can study or mug up nearly 16 chapters within 2 days. I request them to allow minimum 5 days gap for chemistry and have this exam at the end if they cannot alter the other exam dates ~ Raghu (2015-02-25T09:53:58)
I mean seriously xams start from 3 march.... What the hell!!!!!! ~ Anib (2015-02-19T15:27:57)
Don't you think ouch jyada tha WO!!!! ~ Anib (2015-02-19T15:22:44)
11thclass walo ka kab se h ~ jhnnn (2015-02-18T14:28:54)
maths me kum se kum 6 din ke holiday milne chiye the ~ Deepanshu Nanda (2015-02-17T13:06:11)
seriously .. maths ke exam ke liye we need time ~ Tanya Singh (2015-02-17T07:37:29)
kya bkwass date sheet hai eco or business 1 din ka holiday ~ shona joon (2015-02-17T04:16:20)
bechari class 10 board ko jutte maro ~ sonali (2015-02-12T13:53:24)
Area yr ppr jldi khtm karo commerce valo ke....... Bhut tension hori h...... ~ saurabh bisht (2015-02-12T07:00:37)
We'll see ;) ~ Anonymous (2015-02-11T16:14:55)
Date & time.....plz......plz.. ~ King Viraj (2015-02-09T01:17:55)
badha maza aaga ~ sahil (2015-02-08T04:44:51)
mega gii thats not tph sub. date is fine yrr ~ praveenmishra (2015-02-07T12:05:29)
date time ~ suraj (2015-02-04T06:49:26)
date sheet kisne tayar kiya uski jaan lelo main subjects ke bich me gap kam hai ~ Rajeev Anand (2015-02-03T11:16:43)
Notice to CBSE>>>>>> Change the date sheet ~ Sandeep Kumar (2015-02-02T19:36:39)
Thatz the best date sheet we could have.. ~ Gunreet Kaur (2015-02-02T16:18:00)
oh no only four days for math ~ aman (2015-01-31T15:03:16)
please please please change the date sheet ~ mrigank (2015-01-31T14:58:15)
Date sheet is not sorted correctly ~ Ravinder Gakhar (2015-01-31T12:26:15)
the best date sheet was of 2014 6 days for physics 5 days for chem and 10 days for maths wowwww ~ ASHISH DAHARWAL (2015-01-31T07:07:06)
ok ~ prashanth (2015-01-30T14:17:33)
plz change the time table..... we want gap b/w chem...... not in P.E.......... ~ megha patidar (2015-01-27T14:59:50)
are music ke exam kab hai ~ altaf (2015-01-27T14:28:27)
every try to do best in the remaining days fight against these exams and win GOOD LUCK ~ R.AGARWAL (2015-01-25T07:55:17)
amit ~ amit (2015-01-21T06:32:56)
no leave for biotech not good.... ~ suvam pahan (2015-01-20T14:16:01)
Pls understand that biotechnology paper for class 12 can't be given next day to Physics with no gap at all. Pls have some mercy on us children, It is for Our future. ~ GP (2015-01-17T14:11:17)
There should be gap between science and French exams class X ~ RU (2015-01-15T16:58:23)
Is this the same for improvement exam giving students ~ abhi (2015-01-11T07:30:09)
Plz revise d12 cls board exam date sheet as I have non med stream n its vry difficult 4 me n student who have d same with 5th subjct as engineering graphics 2 giv ppr on 10march2015. Our physics paper is on 9march2015 and this is our difficult for us to give the engineering graphics paper the next day. Plz consider this issue n take sm immediate steps. ~ Shivam (2015-01-10T14:27:16)
I am a non-medical with EG student and we don't get atleast 1 Day for EG preperation it is very difficult for us And we also donot have much time for chemistry.. I request u to plz consider this and take some step .. ~ Sanchali Das (2015-01-10T09:10:25)
This date sheet is not acceptable. .... I m engineering graphic non med student... we have no time for eg at all... even not enough for chem n physics... plzz revise date sheet ~ Annu choudhary (2015-01-10T08:59:12)
Plzzz revise the date sheet fr non med wid engineering graphics students ... because its very difficult to give engineering graphics exam which is on 10th march after physics exam (9th march) .... we dnt have time to revise fr engg graphicss .. Plzz consider my point.. n take some action on this ~ Shreshth saxena (2015-01-10T08:30:48)
Plz revise d12 cls board exam date sheet as I have non med stream n its vry difficult 4 me n student who have d same with 5th subjct as engineering graphics 2 giv ppr on 10march2015. Our physics paper is on 9march2015 and this is our difficult for us to give the engineering graphics paper the next day. Plz consider this issue n take sm immediate steps. ~ Shreshth saxena (2015-01-10T08:29:54)
Its a nice date sheet of commerce Agar ab bhi nahi study ki to fail ho jayange STUDY HARD ~ Yogesh Rohilla (2015-01-10T06:22:31)
Best of luck.....guys ~ naresh (2015-01-08T12:44:22)
Padh lo beta betiyo, bahot thand me enjoy kr chuky. ~ Raj Kumar (2015-01-08T12:12:09)
HAI ~ ASHOK (2015-01-08T11:34:38)
Good luck all of u guys ...!!!!! Lets prepare for the final battle.... ~ asd (2015-01-08T09:53:02)
i am gonna top this time ~ samarth (2015-01-08T07:59:57)
OMG maths would have been 1st oh no ~ Balkrishan (2015-01-08T07:22:17)
All the best to all the students of cbse and do your best guy ~ Kushagra Gupta (2015-01-08T05:55:00)
Than for d date sheet but vocal is a big hurdle b/w maths yr ~ Swapnil (2015-01-08T05:19:59)
only 2 days foe chemistry..... after physics ~ Dprj (2015-01-08T03:50:23)
can do good if we'll believe in our self and our lord ~ Dawood (2015-01-08T03:37:52)
What about business and economics?? Wo kb honge? Quite confused.. :/ ~ Layba (2015-01-08T03:24:42)
The students with Commerce with maths r feeling the pressure down under 😨😭😫🙏👐😑😠😐 ~ Tushar Jaggi (2015-01-07T15:19:25)
good luck to oll ~ ravi kumar mishra (2015-01-07T14:58:32)
All the best who had not done papers clearly i am slap to all of you ~ shivam mishra (2015-01-07T14:56:05)
allthe best for exam ~ ravi mishra (2015-01-07T14:52:34)
cbse gon crazy what the beep datesheet for commerce..... ~ meghraj bisht (2015-01-07T14:02:31)
thankyou..! grattitude towards this site ~ xyzz (2015-01-07T12:53:32)
SS.t me 4 holiday ~ lalit gangwar (2015-01-07T10:16:33)
But need at least two days preparation time for CS. ~ Sindhu (2015-01-07T06:53:35)
Give your best. If you fail afraid not. Life is there. Waiting for you. How not.Let it be. Cut out the rest.It is good to be that way. The way that was. The way that will be. The way that has to be. Ways are many way of doing way many things. ~ raja (2015-01-06T10:37:28)
Plz announce it as soon as possible ~ rockey (2015-01-05T12:12:08)
Send the date sheet to my number Plz... +918445151733 ~ Ankit Kamboj (2015-01-05T07:31:04)
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ anuj mishra (2014-12-23T09:58:15)
Cbse date sit ~ ravi (2014-12-16T13:53:44)
this is date which can see our future ~ vinayka (2014-12-08T13:57:48)
so excited this exam ~ Himanshu Verma (2014-12-06T07:27:44)
please send as soon as possible... ~ akash mishra (2014-12-01T12:20:48)
we want class 12 datesheet as it will give us proper time to study and as well to revise for other competitive exams like jeemains, uptu, etc ~ akash mishra (2014-12-01T12:20:14)
yaara date sheet hab niklega haa hmm....?????? ~ cbse (2014-11-27T17:00:11)
We seriously need the class 12 boards date sheet it's needed time management matters in these crucial days ~ Swati Singh (2014-11-26T07:47:55)
when will be the cbse physics compartment paper of 2014??????? ~ MRITUNJAY (2014-07-11T03:18:56)
Where is the cbse exam timing ? ~ R.R.Hosangdi (2014-02-26T05:19:42)
all the best !!! ~ Ashish Gupta (2014-02-12T07:09:46)
where is date for biololgy???????????? ~ ajay prakash (2014-01-30T12:09:58)
When is the sanskrit exam? there is no mention about it in the timetable ~ Nivya (2014-01-24T14:57:36)
u r absolutelty right..... bt we must also try our level best!!!!! ~ MoUmiTa sInGhArOy (2014-01-24T06:18:47)
ALL THE BEST for every students of class 12............. study hard nd prepare well fr d xams..... nd rock in ur xams ~ MoUmiTa sInGhArOy (2014-01-24T06:16:47)
If you all ready for board give me a hell yeah and please wish me best of luck and i also wish you best of luck thanks ~ Divakar Gulati (2014-01-23T02:35:45)
school opting student wud have their exams frm when ??? ~ meghna (2014-01-22T17:33:15)
good chance to do better and forget class10''-RUPESH KUMAR TIWARI ~ RUPESH KUMAR TIWARI (2014-01-21T04:51:02)
economics mai sirf 2 days ka gap . ~ Mike (2014-01-20T15:55:02)
now rock on guys ,,,let us break the records..... ~ aditya (2014-01-19T09:15:03)
so less tym is given fr physics....hw can we prepare this subject in 4 days ~ stylox monu (2014-01-18T07:34:52)
go home you all are fools ~ the R (2014-01-17T07:29:26)
Fearful march 2014. Best of luck.. all 12th students ~ vikram raj (2014-01-15T12:23:16)
Pado nahi tu milae ga kya babaji ka thullu ~ ketan (2014-01-14T18:23:31)
All the best ~ ketan (2014-01-14T18:21:45)
Board tension keep hard working ~ ketan (2014-01-14T18:19:17)
good date sheet ~ vinay kapoor (2014-01-12T11:01:49)
All the best to class 10th students & Good luck for 12 students For choosing best college. wish u a bright future. Love...... ~ Arpit Anand Srivastava (2014-01-09T15:52:40)
is date sheet me to economics ke liye to jada time nahi diya kipaya date sheet change kar do ~ Dr.s k choudhary (2014-01-09T08:33:24)
This year becomes victory for all.ALL THE BEST. ~ Bimlendu kumar (2014-01-07T16:04:49)
all d best 2 all my commerce frndssssssssss ~ Rîshaß Jaîn (2014-01-06T05:22:46)
VERY NICELY ARRANGED ~ AMAN (2014-01-04T13:21:04)
Plzzz...we really really NEED the date sheet for 12th class .......... plz help me yaro and sended the date for 12th class mail my id ( plzzzz...................... ~ arun kumar (2014-01-04T06:01:32)
All d bestest for accounts n eco. ~ akky (2014-01-03T15:24:40)
allllllllllllll the best......... ~ Musheer Riyaz (2014-01-03T06:05:39)